Menswear Grading


For menswear the sizes used are 34, 36, 38, 40, 42, 44… 60 or S, M, L… XXXL this will be determined by the type of garment. The identity of the customer and where the brand is placed in the market are contributing factors for deciding the measurements used in the base size pattern. The two measurements graders pay particular attention to are stature (ratio between chest and waist) and the height (short, regular or long).

Another feature of menswear grading is the research that indicates that men are less likely to try on garments before purchasing them. Bespoke grading means that you can design increments to maximise your exposure across the sizing spectrum and secondly you could closely align yourself to the sizes used by your competitors so that your consumer will be able to successfully select a size that fits and therefore reduce your amount of returns.

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