Childrenswear Grading


For childrenswear we recommend that age be used for sizing increments instead of height as market research suggests that height is confusing for consumers. Childrenswear can either be graded as single sizes or dual sizes, this will be determined by the type of garment and market sector. We will then consider which age group the range can be broken into, eg. babywear (0-2) kidswear (3-11) or teenwear (12-16). As you cross over into an older sector an additional base size pattern is recommended due to differences in growth between genders.

Bespoke grading is commonly used in childrenswear as it is more location targeted than other market types and garments will be sized differently in the UK compared to European or US standards.

We would also like to take this chance to reinforce the importance of adhering to each countries rules and regulations for components and fabrics when designing childrenswear. Further information on British garment manufacturing regulations can be obtained here.

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