What are the industry standard grading rules?

Many of our customers ask us; what are the industry standard grading rules for garment making or more specifically what are the mens pattern grading rules / ladies pattern grading rules? The simple answer is an industry standard grading system for the UK does not exist. Much in the same way as there is not one standard body type there is no standard size specification to fit all. Additionally a size 12 dress in one retailer will be completely different
dimensions in another retailer.

The key to establishing a successful grading system is to consider both of these aspects, first the size of your target demographic and secondly the sizing used in your market sector. The size for your target demographic should be determined by analyzing the age, gender and consumer profile of your potential customer. The target market sector should be determined by your price point, fabric choices, place of sale and your competitors as well as any sizing tactics used by these competitors.

Once these are researched we can help you develop your size specification, starting at your garments base size and working out the grading increments from there.

If you are still wondering where to get your patterns cut or graded in London feel free to contact us on 02035442244 or email info@gradehouse.co.uk for more information.

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