How to start a clothing brand?

We get many inquiries about the process of starting a clothing brand and how you translate sketches into garments, below is a step by step guide covering the stages of production:

– Research
Initial research will include both the design concept, trends, fabric as well as market research.

– Sketches
Illustrations or technical drawings will be made, with special consideration of the construction and seam placement.

– Fabric Sourced
The designer will then source and provide the manufacturer with the fabric and components.

First pattern produced
This can be done using manual pattern cutting; flat / on the stand or digitally using pattern cutting software. We work using a digital system so any previous blocks are digitised in and amended using a computer aided design program.

– Toile is sewn
A toile is a practise garment that is sewn in cheap fabric of same weight as the final fabric, it is only used by the pattern cutter, garment technician and designer.

– Fitting, Pattern Amendments and further fittings
The toile is then used to identify any problems with the pattern, construction or silhouette. Comments are given after each fitting and amendments are carried out.

– Pattern sealed
The pattern can be sealed with comments or without comments once all of the adjustments are complete.

Pattern Grading
The base size pattern is now graded into additional sizes to create the complete sizing range with consideration to the market type and consumer preferences. We grade using a point by point system giving you the ability to design a bespoke sizing system to specifically target certain consumers. We can also produce size specification sheets from our graded patterns to help with quality assurance with manufacturers.

Markers and layplans produced
We offer printed pattern sets in both paper and card, as well as paper printed pattern nests and layplans , we can also convert and email our files into AAMA, DXF, HPGL, or additionally export the paths to Illustrator.

– Pre-production sample
Initially a final garment is made in a variety of sizes in order to check the appropriateness of the construction methods, finishing’s, fabrics and components. This will be produced in accordance with any comments from the seal stage.

– Garments are manufactured
The order is now finalised with the manufacturer, (many manufacturers impose a minimum order quantity so this is something to consider when costing). We have a few manufacturers with whom we work regularly with, we would be happy to refer you to the most suitable one once we have a feel for your collection.

If you are still wondering where to get your patterns cut or graded in London feel free to contact us on 02035442244 or email for more information.

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