About Us

We tailor all aspects of our work to the particular needs of each designer, developing bespoke grading systems to target specific markets and consumer profiles. We aim to enable our clients to expand beyond standard grading rules and into a more profitable sizing system designed specifically for them.

The services we provide also aim to make the production stage easy and economical. Our computerized pattern making methods guarantee a higher level of accuracy compared to manual methods. The marker making and costing services we provide also allow clients to keep their material costs down by providing accurate information about the exact measurement of material required for each size range.

Strongly established for four years, Grade House are well respected across various market sectors due to experience in the industry, the high standard of work and state of the art equipment. Grade House are trusted by both luxury designers and high street retailers, from within the UK and worldwide. Recently we also proudly graded costumes for the Olympic Opening Ceremony of London 2012.